The "Lucky" Star enchanted around a passionate Fairytale

Nejma has been founded a few years ago by Marie Lise Bischoff. 

It was a trip to the Far East that inspired the creation of the extraordinary Nejma Collection, an all-encompassing olfactory experience based on a captivating oriental fairytale and falls under the spell of her muse, Nejma, who will inspire her to create a new line of perfumes.

Nejma is a charming woman with an amazing beauty. she is living in Middle-East and one day The Vizir comes into her city. they totally fell in love, but, she isn't a Princess. So after a lot of fights between both families, they're finally getting married. 

From there love story, 7 girls were born, they are very pretty with a rare and spectacular beauty. 

This is the story of how seven fragrances were created. A mix of different spices that will all have in common the precious and warm scent of Aoud, giving Nejma its signature charm. 

More than a Name...

A Myth, A Perfume ...

Nejma has been very proud to be requested to develop a luxury collection especially for Harrods and Harvey Nichols.  

Over an intense two years period, the Nejma team and a talented Perfumer worked closely with Harrods to create the brand new "Les Extraits" collection. 

Using the very finest ingredients, each of these opulent, sumptuous fragrances, is built around notes of leather and candied fruit, on a base of finest out, for the most delicious and long-lasting wake. 

From the oriental woody "Star n°1" to the sweet floriental

" Star n°7", these are fragrances for scent connoisseurs to appreciate and enjoy.

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